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s kept the public h▓ere guessing for months, was greeted by a highly expectant nation,

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    conflict."Remarkable progress" on women's rights ▓and leadership ha

    s been made in recent decades▓, but these gains are far from consistent, and they have sparked▓ a backlash from an entrenched patriarchy, said the secretary-general."Gender equ▓ality is fundamentally a question of p▓ower. We live still in a male-domina▓ted world. Our male-dominated culture has ignored, silenced and oppresse

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    d women for centuries - even mille▓nnia," said Guterres.Women's pol

    itical representation in parliaments around the world stands at less than 25 percent. At the highest ▓levels that drops to 9 percent. The Globa▓l Media Monitoring Project found that worldwide,▓ just one quarter of the subjects of news stories are women, and most often as victims ▓rather than leaders, he added.D▓espite women

    pan announces 'Rei wa' as new era
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    's achievements and successes, their voices are still routinely ▓ov

    erlooked, and their opinions ignored. So increasing the number of women decision-makers is essential, said Guterres."We must not give ground that has been won over▓ decades. We must push for wholesale, rapid and radical change," he said.Please scan the▓ QR Code to follow us on Instagr▓amPlease scan the QR Code to follow us on

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    ▓ WechatNew evidence reveals Arctic▓ summers now hottest for 115,000

    yea▓rsNew evidence reveals Arctic summers ▓now hottest for 115,000 yearsNew evidence reveals Arctic summers now hottest for 115,000 yea▓rs01-28-2019 13:50 BJTNEW YORK, Ja▓n. 27 -- Researchers have discovered in detail that the Arctic is experiencing the hottest temperatures in 115,000 years, according to new findings publ

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lderness have not seen temperatures warm for at least 115,000 years.To

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reach that conclusion, researchers s▓tudied geographical anomalies and old ice on Canada's Baffin Island, especially o▓n high-plateau ice caps and deep fjords, according to news website vaaju.com.Ice caps, ▓unlike glaciers, do not move, and matter lying on the ground is preserved as long▓ as the cap remains in place.For ages, ice has occupied the plateaus and walls of Baffin I▓sland. In some summers, there would be thaw, but i▓n genera

nzo Abe told a press conference a▓fter

l low temperatures and sn▓ow has kept things at equilibrium.Now, climate ch

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ange has ups▓et that equilibrium, causing the Arctic to heat up at twice the rate as the rest of the world. That's led to more summer melt, whic▓h has exposed moss and lichen at the margins of the ice caps.Simon Pendleton is the lead author of the report and a researcher from the University of Colorado's▓ Institute of Arctic and Alpine Research. He and his team have crossed their finds with multiple sources, includin▓g ice measurement

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s from nearby Greenland, and found that today's Arctic summer is now h

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otter than anytime in 115,000-120,000 years, according to Gizmodo.com."Our last century of h▓eat is likely to be greater than a fe▓w centuries over the past 120,000 years," Pendleton said.As ice caps recede even further, scie▓ntists could expose even more ancient landscapes. By refining their measurements, they can predict how the Arctic will look as climate change continues to reshape i▓t.Pendleton said even without the radiocarbon d

hat culture is born and ▓grows when p

ating, a technique used to date▓ materials such as carbon, it's clear h

eople come tog

ow rapidly Baffin Island is shifting into a new state. Each year, changes become more visible to the naked eye.Please scan the QR Code to follow us on InstagramPle▓ase scan the QR Code to follow us on We▓chatTop 10 world sports news events in 2018Top 10 ▓world sports news events in 2018Top 10 world spo▓rts news events in 201812-27-2018 21:08 BJTBEIJING, Dec. 27  -- Follo▓wing are the top 10 sports news item▓s that broke across th

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